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Are you a "Desperate Doula"?

Heather Crossan

Are you in an Abundance or Scarcity Mindset?

This might be the number one pain point and complaint I hear from doulas:

"I need more clients!"

Do you hear that? That's desperation. It's like being asked out on a date...who would you rather say yes to: the guy who's begging for you to say yes, or the guy who knows they are perfectly happy whether you say yes or not?

It's great to make your clients feel wanted, but there's a fine line between desperation and deserving.

You know what else 'I need more clients' tells me? You operate with a scarcity energy. You are starved and will accept anything that resembles food. Let me tell you, going into prospective meetings with this scarcity energy and desperation to close will lead you to your-less-than-perfect-client, and ultimately cause you to lose them.

One of the biggest shifts I made early in my career and continue to make (because it's hard not to feel the pressure of adulthood), is to go into every conversation/interaction with the desire to...


Tie your deserved outcome to something deeper, because there's a reason you're doing what you do, and it's NOT just for the money.

At one point, you believed that the services you offer would make a difference to your clients' lives. Stick to that energy of service and offering; leave the desperation at the door.

Prospective clients can sniff out desperation. Like you, they know when they're being sold on something. Like you, they just want help and understanding.

Try this instead: Just be helpful, be genuinely interested in your client's pain points and model what business confidence should look and feel like.

Money and clients will follow. I promise. 



Loree Siermachesky, Alberta's very own Doula OG. With 20 years of experience as a DONA certified birth doula, and a personal history of assisting at more than 1500 births, she has blended the heart work of being a doula with the reality of running a thriving full-time business.  Loree not only has received the recognition of her community as the 2013 Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year recipient, a 2016 Medicine Hat Women in Business Inspire Award nominee, the 2016 Prodoula Diamond Award recipient, she is widely respected within the international Doula Community.

As one of the founders of Elite Doula Group Inc. Loree has proven time and time again she is fiercely committed to the new families of Southern Alberta, and commits her time to sharing knowledge and mentoring new doulas through her advanced doula courses.

Loree lives in Medicine Hat, AB with her husband of 23 years, her sons and her much loved Sheltie and two cats. She is an avid gardener and when she’s not in the labor room, she’s usually outside…or sleeping.