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Welcome to Doula Essentials! 


 Doula Essentials is like nothing you have experienced before. Of course it's a place where you will receive un-matched education, but you'll also find a community that will lift you up and make sure you meet your goals. Learn More about the DE Difference.

We work together to provide outstanding opportunities to birth workers, accessible support to vulnerable populations, and have a lot of fun doing it.  

With support like this, you can't help but expect success.

Doula Essential Doulas are being recognized as excellent Doulas all over Calgary. I’ve had several Healthcare Professionals comment on my DE shirt and that they love working with us.
— Lena Ware


The sisterhood you gain from Doula Essentials is amazing! I’m so grateful to have the support and friendship
— Brittany Cairns

Featured Workshops


DONA-Approved Birth Doula Training workshops are not all the same!

Each trainer creates their own course, curriculum, and teaching methods. Just like in birth, do your research and pick the training that is best for you.

Building communities and building education is essential in the Doula world, and through DE we have been able to bring some great trainings to our Area. We are very thankful for the willingness and excitement of DE to help our Doula community grow! Thank you Heather for making the trek to our rural city of Red Deer!
— RDDA- Red Deer Doula Association (

When the nurses saw my DE shirt, they smiled and said “Thank goodness!”
— Trina Camponi