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Advanced Skills

to Dec 2

When Survivors Give Birth - Bangkok, Thailand

A one-of-a-kind workshop opportunity for nurses, midwives, doctors, childbirth educators, doulas, and counseling professionals who work with childbearing women.

When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on the Childbearing Woman. 

"The When Survivors Give Birth workshop opened my eyes to a very important aspect of my work. It gave me an understanding that I was lacking prior to attending and in turn improved my practice working with expecting and new families. I truly believe it should be mandatory for anyone working in maternal/child health."    - Jenn Goodwin CD(DONA), LCCE, CLE, President - Calgary Doula Association

An introduction for anyone who works with childbearing people and wants to learn about the impact of abuse on the birth experience.

  • Definition of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and other child abuse

  • Common manifestations of any type of child abuse on the childbearing woman

  • Unique manifestations of sexual abuse specifically on the childbearing woman

  • Neurological and behavioral sequelae of child abuse

  • Impact of childhood sexual abuse on conscious memory

  • Impact of childhood sexual abuse on the adult woman

  • Possible Impact of CSA on pregnancy

  • Possible Impact of CSA on labor and birth

  • Relationship between the woman and her caregiver

  • Modification of common childbirth preparation techniques for CSA survivors

  • Possible Impact of CSA on postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and postpartum mood disorders

  • How to and how not to respond when a client/patient discloses a history of childhood sexual abuse

Limited Space available - to register please contact Rasee:

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9:00 AM09:00

Doula Business Day - Calgary!

It's the 2nd Annual Doula Business Day!

Running a business, for most doulas, is the worst part of the job! How to know all the rules, and then how to find the clients?! Join us and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of setting up, running, and thriving in your business in one day!

Attend one session, the other, or both and save!  

9:00am Small Business Essentials for Doulas  - $75.00

2:00pm The Seven Deadly Sins of Running Your Doula Business - $125.00

BOTH courses for $175.00!!

Doula Business Day - Calgary
from 75.00
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Breastfeeding for Doulas
1:00 PM13:00

Breastfeeding for Doulas

Everything you need to feel confident supporting your birth or postpartum doula clients.

We explore everything from anatomy, to lactogenesis, to emotional challenges and of course focus on the doulas scope. An updated version of the course that has been helping doulas flourish for the last 6 years!  

This course meets the requirements for Birth Doula Certification and Postpartum Doula Certification with DONA International. 

Breastfeeding for Doulas
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Babywearing for Birth Workers
10:00 AM10:00

Babywearing for Birth Workers

One of the most valuable things that doulas and health care professionals can give their clients, are the tools and information they need to navigate their parenting journey with confidence, strength, and empowerment. Babywearing is a wonderful source for all of this.

It's not about the rules. It's about empowerment. 

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Celebrating Caesarean Birth & VBACs: Examining the Doula's Role
9:30 AM09:30

Celebrating Caesarean Birth & VBACs: Examining the Doula's Role

Come learn from Nova McGillivery, the Chapter Lead of the Calgary chapter of ICAN! She'll be talking about the realities of caesarean birth and VBAC's in Calgary!  

We'll talk about the protocols, ways to support and the unique emotional challenges you may encounter when supporting clients :)

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