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What is Doula Essentials?

Beth Galster

Doula Essentials Inc. is truly a labour of love.  

The concept of a one-stop-shop is not a new one, but we wanted something local, something new, something exciting, and something where passion and dedication is clear in everything we do.

We are passionate about supporting doulas as they begin their journey and we want to make life easier!  We saw a need for easy access to tools and resources for Calgary based and Canadian Doulas, as well as more options when it comes to doula training, continued doula training, advanced doula training, doula mentorship and doula support.  

We believe that when we support each other, incredible things happen. There are so many new families growing all over Alberta and Canada that it would be impossible to support them all. When people have doulas, people talk about doulas, more people learn about doulas and then more people end up having doulas for their birth! It's just that simple. Doula Essentials supports all doulas in providing amazing support to new families and we saw a need that doulas need support too!  

Think of us as a doula for doulas!  

Over the years while being full-time, successful doulas, serving on local, national, and international associations and advisory boards, creating doula tools, and mentoring doulas we have learned a lot about the culture of birth in Canada, the culture of the doula community and above all where the gaps are in the overall growth and success of an individual doula.

At Doula Essentials, we believe that education and support are the key to pretty much everything.  We want doulas to be spoiled for choice with education opportunities  and have so many useful tools at their fingertips they never have to worry.  We want doulas to have so much confidence in their training and continued support that they never worry about encountering a new situation. We want doulas to thrive!!

When you become a Doula Essentials-trained doula, you have a huge community with years of experience and unending encouragement behind you.  You really can't help but expect success.