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Calgary Doulas


Meet the Doula Essentials Doulas in Calgary, Alberta


Lindsey Bowns

"Hi there! Sorry to interrupt your pregnant, uncomfortable, insomnia-driven google-fest!

I'm Lindsey, your local Calgary mama-slash-doula at adora birth + wellness! I love my daughter, popcorn, photography, weenie dogs, and butt-kicking workouts! (OK, OK, this isn't speed dating...but then again, it kind of is!)

Planning a hospital birth? Awesome! On second thought, a water birth at home? That sounds amazing! No, no, wait...a beautiful, sleeping baby delivered by Ryan Gosling on a unicorn to your front door? I'm SO there for you! 

But in all seriousness, I live with a drive to help others achieve their happiest and most memorable birth-days. Let's sit down over a latte (because let's be real, mama ALWAYS needs some caffeine!), figure out what that incredible day looks like for your family, and how we can work together to make it happen."

Carla Hoogenboom CD(DONA), LCCE

Carla is a…

Dona International certified birth doula, Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator, wife, and mother to three children. She has a background in business, but something was missing.  After the birth of her children, she thought about how much she didn't know when It came to labor, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, her options, choices, support... the list goes on and on. She knew she couldn't be the only one, so she set out to learn and educate herself. After that their was no turning back,  she knew what she was meant to do- Help other women, teach them their options and what is about to come, support them, prepare them for this experience that will impact their lives forever. 

In her spare time she loves spending time with friends and family, camping, going to movies, and her favourite thing, yoga!

Shea Pacaud


As an intuitive and nurturing person, I am passionate about facilitating a positive and empowering birth experience, whatever that means for you. My goal is to provide unbiased, empowering support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. I support all births, regardless of your birth preferences (vaginal, cesarean, medicated, non-medicated, home birth, hopsital, etc). Thanks to my background in massage therapy, I specialize in physical comfort measures and emotional support. 


Deanna Lewis

I'm a birth Doula, working towards my certification. 
I've always found there's something magical and amazing about pregnancy and birth. It's a gift to be able to support and witness the beauty of life being born.
When I'm not busy being a mom and wife to 2 wonderful and very active children 9 and 6 I love reiki, reading and to Netflix and chill!

Rossana Keay CD(DONA), LCCE

Rossana Keay is a Calgary-based Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. A proud mama to three amazing children and that keep her busy. Rossana has always had a passion for the empowerment of women being driven to help women find their own power. When she hired a doula for her birth, the experience completely transformed her and it was in that moment she said she knew for sure something that she’s always known all along, and that is that ALL WOMEN ARE STRONG. Her doula journey began and her purpose to help others in their journey of childbirth and the transition into motherhood. Rossana’s approach is not to advocate for you or to be your voice. She aims to help create the space for you to find your voice. She wants to remind you that you are powerful, strong and amazing.

Melanie Blair

I have such a heart for moms. I love listening to stories, and giving any gentle encouragement that I can offer. At parties, you will usually find me tucked in a corner having a heart-to-heart with someone who needs a listening ear. 
When I'm at home, in the chaos of a life with nine children, I'm still learning to love cooking and laundry, but in the quieter moments, I love to curl up on the couch with a great book or my knitting needles. 
Motherhood is so undervalued in this world, and I became a doula so I could give back some of the love and support that I have received throughout my own journey of mothering. I have kids from late teens to toddler and I know how hard it can be. We need to support one another.

Katie Brimacombe

I am a native Calgarian and a mother to four lovely teenage daughters. Before starting my family, I worked as an elementary teacher for ten years. When I am not busy shuffling my kids to school and activities, I enjoy hiking in the mountains, skiing, traveling and watching movies with my family.   

When I became pregnant in 2001 with my first baby, I chose midwives as my care providers. I had always been passionate about birth and the path women take to find success and empowerment. The midwives provided me with continuous emotional and physical support through my pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. This guided me to have a birth experience that I will never forget!  It led me to want to educate, support and empower other women, during the challenges and rewards of labour to help them trust their own instincts and strengths. I was eager to do this by becoming a doula! I believe that the more knowledge you have about birth and your birth options, the more confident you can become in your own decision making and early parenting experiences. I would love to be part of your unique birth story.

Kerri Oishi CD(DONA)

My name is Kerri Oishi and I have been a birth doula since 2010. I am a member of both DONA International and the Calgary Doula Association. I took my birth doula training in Calgary in May 2010 and began attending the births of a number of friends.  

In July 2011, my husband, two children and I packed up and moved across the world to Davao City, Philippines for a year.  During that time I volunteered at a charity based birth centre and had the privilege of attending over 50 births. It was an incredible experience to be a part of birth in a culture different from my own and from what I was used to.

Upon our move back to Calgary in the summer of 2012, I continued to attend births and obtained my DONA birth doula certification.

I am excited to be able to support women and their partners as they journey through pregnancy and childbirth, no matter if it is their first pregnancy or not. Each woman's experience is unique and deserves to be supported and celebrated.


Bethany Galster CD(DONA), CLE

Bethany is a certified birth doula, professional photographer, certified lactation educator and trained childbirth educator. Bethany has been practicing as a doula/photographer for over 5 years. When she's not attending births you will find her hanging out with her toddlers and husband, helping Moss Postpartum House run seemlessly, or going for a bike ride.

Emmalina Rooney

Birth Doula, Trained in Lamaze Childbirth Education.

Emmalina is a Doula in Calgary and area, a childbirth educator, a mother of 2 young children, and is passionate about empowering and educating families from pregnancy to toddlerhood and beyond! Her services include prenatal education, doula support, and parenting workshops.



Melanie Friesen

Melanie is a Birth Doula and mom of one energetic, loving, and independent little girl. She has a background in Health Administration. Melanie has always had a passion for all things birth and babies. From a young age she has enjoyed hearing the birth stories of women around her. Before becoming a doula Melanie attended her mother’s labor and witnessed her little brother entering the world. Melanie enjoys reading, cozied under a blanket with a delicious herbal tea.

Merrick Hill

Merrick is a Certifying Birth Doula in Calgary. She is a wife and mother of two. Having the privilege to support others during this transformative and precious time in their lives, she has witnessed the positive impact of continuous, non-judgemental, empowering support. Birth is a life changing experience and every woman deserves to know their options and feel supported in their choices. As a doula, her goal is to enhance your support team and help you feel confident and excited about your upcoming birth. She is honoured to assist families through this incredible transition and will support you in facilitating the type of birth that you have envisioned for yourself and your family. Merrick is proud to serve women and families in Calgary and the surrounding area.

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